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The associates screen allows you to add/edit your various work associates. From here you can assign cases to them, edit personal information, or delete them and their cases entirely.
This screen is where all of your leads and clients are placed. Adding new leads is simple as clicking the ‘Add’ button and filling out their information only one time.
SFA Folders
SFA Folders are vital to any CRM system. The SFA folders of AgencyOrganizer are used to organize cases and are used together with Trigger Actions to move cases along the pipeline.
All of your appointments, tasks, and meetings are stored on your easy to view calendar.
Edit and control documents, resources, and your entire file right from the Tools menu.
The core of personal customization. From the Setup menu, you are able to add or rename informational fields, edit your profile, customize the view options, and control the system all from this menu.
With integrated features and functionality, LeadOrganizer™ exceeds expectations by providing cost effectiveness, security and customizability in all areas of operations from linear integration of data to channelizing effective
e-marketing communication helps you to organize your agency and lead it to higher profits and growths.
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