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Customer Relation Managementa (CRM)

Today, every business big or small would like to improve its leads effectiveness and conversion of leads into sales for higher revenues. So, they focus on a tool to resolve their problems. This is where LeadOrganizer, a web hosted CRM with its own unique features offers advantages to the insurance industry's small and medium businesses (SMB).

The LeadOrganizer advantages lies in its insurance industry focus. It has been designed with the help of insurance sales agents so it works the way you do ----providing functionality and features like integration with a custom quote engine and insurance document management center. Sales performance improvement happens due to the LeadOrganizer features matching the user needs.

It enhances the user's ability to use captured leads using different customer touch points. Enriching the customer experience by interacting with him using multiple marketing channels offers significant cost advantage of delivery.

LeadOrganizer™ - Web based customized online agency management and Customer Relation Management (CRM) application (Not an insurance software) for the Insurance industry. It is a focused and a customized solution, which works by blending contact management, document management, time management, agency work-flow automation, and communication tools for life insurance distributors and producers.
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Term life insurance quote application
CD Type annuity quote application
Boat Insurance quote application
Custom Campaign Marketing
Web hosting and design
CRM - LeadOrganizer
Case Studies
Paperless office! Better SFA! And quicker response
365 days, 24x7, affordable Insurance customer services in the US.
8 in one module allows simultaneous transactions and successfully closing a sale.
Lead the customer from Referral to Satisfied Customer for Life in minutes.
A System that works through existing tangles and delivers 100% results.
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Sales Forecasting
Account Management
Sales Analytics
Paramed Integration