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Marketing Campaign Management
The LeadOrganizer integrates sales and marketing for effective SFA. This is a lead centric product to reduce effort and expenditure on lead capturing and fine-tuning the marketing efforts to maximize ROI.

The presence of anecdotal evidence of leads ensures better campaign planning and management. In the absence of primary data, means effective execution of campaigns, managing responses, and tracking leads is a challenge. Further, separating the highest quality leads for the sales team requires substantial effort.

To fulfill this need, BimSym introduces the LeadOrganizer, the first integrated, web-based CRM solution with a low total cost of ownership (TCO). LeadOrganizer marketing and sales management solutions enable user teams to:

Bullet Develop, execute, measure, and optimize marketing campaigns to improve lead generation, mine leads, and maximize sales results.
Bullet Execute highly targeted, personalized e-mail campaigns in a variety of formats that will improve response rates.
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