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Sales Force Automation: Integrated lead management
The LeadOrganizer is an integrated personal contact, documentation and communications manager. LeadOrganizer offers solutions for complete lead management, managing workflow and document processing, and communications simultaneously without losing contact with the main LeadOrganizer application. Just connect to the Internet and login.
The e-CRM product combines functionality that the user requires and uses:
Bullet 360 real time visibility: The user is able to see lead-related data and information in real time along with all workflows and associated documentation.
spacer Lead centric design: Enables the user to focus on his profitable leads and to close the sales for better effectiveness.
spacer Adapted & Customized to your business: The LeadOrganizer has been adapted and customized to businesses and their needs.
spacer Sales Effectiveness focused: The LeadOrganizer is focused to deliver better conversion of leads to sales.
spacer Immediate payback: The faster deployment of the application ensures that the user is able to quickly turnaround the cost of the application.
Lead and Opportunity Management
The LeadOrganizer features help you to close more deals quickly by providing a 360 view of the lead. This includes the source of contact, customer engagement history, milestones, tasks and key events in the decision process. The single screen showing eight modules in one allows anyone to get the overall view of a lead in a single shot.
Set goals and prioritize daily targets
Time and Activity Management
The LeadOrganizer allows the user to use the Front console to act like a portal to manage the leads, contacts, deals and tasks. Feel the pulse of your activities and stay in touch with the front screen. See all sales, leads, and appointments. Stay current on your Accounts, Contacts, Deals, and Tasks. Automatically receive notification when any of your key accounts or competitors posts new information on their Web sites.

Streamline task management and follow-up with Task To Do items. In any sales process, certain tasks and activities must be completed within given timeframes. It can be a challenge to make sure that your team stays on top of every opportunity. RFPs, quotes, contracts, and other activities can't wait. To Do items ensure that the right person is performing the right task at the right time. The document management center ensures that the document support is there for the user to complete the tasks.
Customer & Lead Contact Management
An insurance agent's typical workday is a multi-layered, complex interaction-with its work flows and process flows to maintain 20,000 pieces of paper and spend 7-25% of the day searching for necessary information, a percentage of which is often missing or incomplete.

The LeadOrganizer organizes leads in manageable accounts. It has the tools it needs to develop in-depth knowledge of the leads with a comprehensive history of every interaction, and event associated with that customer. You can manage and track activities with potential leads, and initiate new opportunities with existing clients. You can also conduct real-time client research with the click of a button.
Strengthen the Customer Experience
The LeadOrganizer gives a 360° view and also the sales cycle stages at which the contact is enabling resumption of the process to close the deal. You can share contact information with everyone in your organization - or enter personal contacts that only you can view. The centralized address book database eliminates loss of critical information due to employee loss or equipment failure.
Lead Management
More than 70% of the leads are never acted on typically because they do not reach the right person or organization at the right time.
-Gartner group

The LeadOrganizer automatically captures leads, including lead source information efficiently and effectively. The success of your organization is dependent on the importance of leads. The LeadOrganizer gives you a number of options for entering them into the database. You can manually import them from third parties, integrate them from other systems, or automatically capture them from your Web site or marketing campaigns.

You can allocate the leads to the appropriate agent based on flexible and configurable business rules and notify sales of new leads using either e-mail or any other tool.
Never lose a lead

Ensure timely and consistent lead processing with automatic alerts, notifications, and reports. Marketing and sales can coordinate efforts to keep your company's name in front of your leads, as the lead data is stored in one available database.

Optimize which leads are sent to sales. Prioritize leads based on your set rules, enabling your salespeople to concentrate on the highest quality leads first.

The LeadOrganizer maintains the most current information on your leads. It allows you to maintain a single, centralized database of marketing and sales contacts. There's nothing to coordinate, the system detects duplicates, and you can quickly update information from third parties.

LeadOrganizer Console
LeadOrganizer Gateway Front - Single Screen Multi Tasking Console
Bullet Screen Features-User friendly easy navigational interface
spacer Directly access the recent lead profiles from any place, anywhere, anytime. Requires an Internet connection and any standard browser
spacer Arrange the leads into indexed folders--referrals, prospects, customer and other contacts
spacer Setup your own user ID, & password for security
Additional Features
Bullet User-friendly interface with Login Main screen of software
spacer Search facility- filter choices for easy tracking and viewing
spacer Start day with viewing all tasks, events, and opportunities in one screen
spacer Check recent changes in all modules-set up tasks for self and the team
Bullet The day & week activity planner with task features with communication interfaces -email, fax, and newsletter
Bullet View one easy screen for calendar-daily/weekly/monthly
The LeadOrganizer is configured and customized for the requirement of the user. This will be customized for a given display report.

The LeadOrganizer is customized to integrate with the existing systems and software to allow migration of lead data and exchange data with other databases using an import/export facility.
BimSym ensures that the LeadOrganizer has effective security round the clock to protect you from the loss, misuse, or unauthorized alteration of your data. We employ state-of-the art technology, management practices, and physical security to keep your data safe. You can enhance the effectiveness of the safeguards by creating passwords that blocks unauthorized access.

Twenty four hours a day, every day of the year LeadOrganizer uses: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for data, password confidentiality and secure firewalls.

We also perform frequent hardware and software upgrades, providing you with the highest possible levels of availability, performance, and disaster recovery.
With integrated features and functionality, LeadOrganizer™ exceeds expectations by providing cost effectiveness, security and customizability in all areas of operations from linear integration of data to channelizing effective
e-marketing communication helps you to organize your agency and lead it to higher profits and growths.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) Solutions for Insurance Professionals
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