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Reporting Tools

The customizable built-in reporting tools of LeadOrganizer enable analysis of customer retention rates, measure customer loyalty, calculate customer lifetime value, assess performance of team members as well as channel partners, and assess product profitability and performance of marketing efforts.

Tracking and measuring information and sales statistics can be difficult at times. With LeadOrganizer Reporting modules, measuring performance is easy. All of the information within the system is filtered through our reporting module. The system provides some reports that are already created to measure the Sales Automation and Status automation for instant viewing. Additionally, each user can create a custom report within the system following a customized set of criteria and rules. Setting up this process has been designed with a simple step by step flow so you spend less time creating your reports, and more time analyzing them!

With integrated features and functionality, LeadOrganizer™ exceeds expectations by providing cost effectiveness, security and customizability in all areas of operations from linear integration of data to channelizing effective
e-marketing communication helps you to organize your agency and lead it to higher profits and growths.
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